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Remembering Keith Arthur Anderson

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Keith Arthur Anderson 1947-2010

  The family of Dr. Keith Anderson would like to express their thanks to the community for the many prayers, support, donations and time taken in search efforts to bring Keith home to us. No words could ever express how truly grateful we are for all you have done and the love shared between all who knew Keith.

  We were notified by authorities that the remains belonging to Keith were located and our search for him no longer goes on.

  The search reward fund was turned into a scholarship fund in Dr. Anderson's name. Numerous scholarships over his tenure were presented by Keith as a "bootstrap award" and the family will continue this legacy which was close to his heart.

  This award is to recognize a student who has overcome obstacles and adversity in their years at high school. Dr. Anderson believed in all students' abilities to pull themselves up "by their bootstraps" as it is the student alone who succeeds through his own efforts and accomplishments. Dr. Anderson not only beleived in all students, but guided them to beleive in themselves. He advocated the certainty that anyone could be successful if given opportunity and encouragement.

  The Dr. Keith Anderson Bootstrap award is meant to encourage moving on into life with that same belief in oneself and innate abilities that brought the student to the achievements thus fas in their education.